Name: Cola (ID# SA21-29)
Breed: American
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Year 3 Month
Colour: Black
Intake Date: Jun 28, 2021

Meet Cola! This beautiful girl came to us as a stray in early July. Cola is a sweet girl--she's very tame and readily welcomes petting! She came to us infested with fleas, and also had a bot fly larva living just over her right eye. While the parasite was successfully removed, it left a gaping hole that nearly affected Cola's ability to blink. Luckily, with treatment and eventual wound repair, Cola has been able to open her eye without any problems, and the wound is healing quite well. We do not know how long she lived outdoors, but we are glad that a concerned resident was able to capture her and bring Cola to our shelter for safety and medical care. After weeks of treatment and TLC, Cola is now ready to meet her family! At nearly 4kg in weight, this girl will need an enclosure big enough for her to be able to hop around and get some exercise. She enjoys a diet of unlimited Timothy Hay, green leafy vegetables, and the occasional pellets. If you are interested in adopting Cola, please fill out an application form available online. Her adoption fee is $25.
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